When fear turns into something good

I’m not one for doing public speeches, and I don’t enjoy getting graded on how well I perform. When I found out taking a form of communications was mandatory I was not very happy.

Luckily, I coaxed two of my friends who also needed the class to take it with me. Figuring if I had support in the class it wouldn’t be as bad. Without doing any research we chose communications 101 with Mr. Frank Switzer.

I was nervous going in on the first day because I was still semi-new with college and I didn’t know what to expect. The class started late in the semester so it lasted for two and a half hours long, one of the longest I’ve had since starting school.

I sat down at a table for four with my two friends and waited for class to begin. Switzer came in full of energy, and started discussing what we would be doing that semester. Turns out it wasn’t going to be too bad. There were only two speeches that were mandatory.

Switzer was and still is my favorite teacher I have had since coming to school. He was always entertaining, with fun stories to tell, funny stand up performances to show us and he really knew how to make a conversation out of anything. He cared about getting to know his students. He even would ask for me to be his server when he would come into my work.

Not only did I enjoy going to Switzers class everyday I also met one of my best friends in that class, Megan Vales. For one of our speeches we had to explain something, it could be anything and Megan did hers on Barbie, and came dressed up for the part. I thought it was hilarious, and started talking to her.  We soon found out that we both love the Phoenix Suns and went to watch the game together after class with my two other friends that took the class with me. Megan and I have been close to inseparable ever since.

“Mr. Switzer was also one of my favorite teachers. He’s hilarious and a great debater,” said Vales.

I still look almost every semester at communications just to see if Switzer may teach a different class. I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to take another class with him.



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